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from Don Jacobson

Thursday, April 04, 2013

I should probably say something crazy and profound for my first blog entry but I think I’ll just go with telling you how grateful I am.

I am grateful to Thomas Nelson Publishers for believing in It’s a God Thing: When Miracles Happen to Everyday People, even before When God Makes Lemonade hit the stores (which is this week).

I am grateful to my new friend David Pierce and the K-LOVE team for entering into this partnership with me to tell these modern miracle stories.

I am grateful to Marty Raz (the dude has put up with me for 24 years now) for helping birth this project.

I am grateful to the talented Craig Borlase (he’s English but don’t hold that against him) for agreeing to write the book.

Mostly, I am grateful to God who is the star of each of the stories we’ll tell because without Him, it wouldn’t be a miracle would it?