Submission Guidelines

Thanks again for being willing to share your story with us. At this point in the process, you may be wondering if your story has the right elements to be selected as an It’s a God Thing story. So here’s a question for you to answer:

Did God intervene in your story in a clear and obvious way? For example, as people of faith, we believe that God is the one who heals us; but in the absence of something very distinctive, people who don’t believe in God could say, “When I was sick I got better and I don’t even believe in God.” We want to take that argument away by telling stories that have no other explanation than our great God intervening on our behalf for His glory.

If you have a story that cannot be explained away by a skeptic and will encourage other people, we want to hear from you!  

Simply click on our Submit Your Story page (we can only consider stories submitted through this website) and get ready to tell your true miracle story.  We request a minimum of 500 words for your story which will give us a good feel for whether your story should be included in the series. But don’t worry about how well written it is. Making it read well is our job! Simply focus on providing the important elements of your story, and we’ll craft it into a compelling and inspirational read.

Curious about what will happen to your story once you submit it? Head over to our Submission Process page to find out.